Over the past few weeks New Age Threads has released two of our most popular shirts in an effort to reach people and allow our customers to make their statement about what is going on in the United States of America and the world.  It is important that people be able to express themselves in a peaceful manner and we want to be one of those methods.  New Age Threads is an American company, and seeks to contribute to creating positive change and have recently updated our mission statement with a significant change to to reflect that:

“We are where art, style, imagination, uniqueness, and distinctiveness meet. We seek to provide customers with a temporal product that expresses who they are through wearable statement.”

The goal of New Age Threads has always been to provide the people a method of expressing themselves on topics that are important to them through fashion, but enabling it not to just be for visual appeal, but more.  Our designs are about more than words.  Our designs are about more than even just fashion.  Our designs are about more than just the artwork.  Our designs are about making a statement.  We want to express and inspire.










Based on reporting from news sources such as The Washington Post, USA Today, NBC, The Guardian and others it is estimated that there have been roughly 2700 reported killings by law enforcement in the United States since 2009. Featured are the faces of over 200 of some recent victims of police violence. Help stop the bleeding America.  Those who are victims of unnecessary police violence are disproportionately members of the minority community.  In comparison, right now, the homicides in Chicago total 486 for 2017, 448 from shootings alone for example.  All across the country the police are killing people and citizens are killing each other.  The loss of life is staggering considering all the other things we face today in American society.  There has to be something we can do.  We will help raise awareness and promote peace and love, but at the same time we must promote justice for all.

As of February of this year, Nick Wing reported for the Huffington Post, “Of the nearly 750,000 inmates confined in jails around the U.S. at any time, between 60 and 70 percent haven’t been convicted. They are legally innocent.  Jail deaths disproportionately impact poor defendants, according to a months-long investigation published by The Huffington Post this week, which documents more than 800 fatalities in the past year across the nation’s more than 3,000 city and local lockups”.  The laws of our nation were crafted and created to evolve and change as we need them to reflect our society and it’s purpose.  Like the Constitution of the United States of America, state laws need to be continuously reviewed and amended when necessary, upheld, and enforced.  An example of this would be Sandra Bland, read her story.

New Age Threads sees these problems and want to encourage everyone to look for the root causes.  When it comes to police brutality and police killings, we have to look for the root cause.  It is rooted in how our country as a whole is still injected with fear and racism, which has caused the criminalization of certain parts of our communities that has infected many who have join the ranks of our law enforcement officers.   It is just an abomination that so many are incarcerated because they are unable to pay their bail while awaiting their day in court.  Legislators across the country have to come do something about this on a local level.  Can you only imagine how much this cost in taxpayer dollars to maintain the infrastructure that confines so many?

You cannot just simply be upset, angry or outraged.  In the meantime, we will continue to promote justice for those who have lost their lives to unnecessary or illegal police violence.  We will continue to advocate justice for each and every citizen.  To do this, we have to pressure our lawmakers to create comprehensive legal reform to put our nation of the path to correcting these problems.